Dream One World...a nonprofit to heal the world...one by one by one.
Dream One World...a nonprofit to heal the world...one by one by one.


WELCOME to a different kind of nonprofit...

or as we prefer to call it,  a "FOR-LOVE-IT."  

As an ALL VOLUNTEER organization,

we work from LOVE, for LOVE... and we LOVE it.

Please join us!  ♥♥♥

DREAM ONE WORLD exists to give shelter, education, and peace to people, places, and animals in need of a helping hand or paw. :)  The Life Challenge Recipients (LCRs) we assist all agree to



By doing so, our work moves through different venues throughout the world, to ultimately encompass all. 


A big vision, but the power of ONE knows no limits!

Please read our mission below. 

Then spend some time with the rest of our site,

viewing photos and reading stories about our current

and past projects, listening to our live media interviews,

and feeling our passion and heartfelt consciousness.


NOTE:  Although we would love to help every

person, place, and animal on the planet,

at this time we are not able to take on any new work. 

Thank you for your understanding,

and please visit our current amazing projects!

"The best things Americans are doing around the world these days is not in dropping bombs from unmanned drones, but in helping school children in places like Uganda, Kenya, and the southern Sudan. Dream One World's current Uganda School Project is one of those.  It deserves wide support."

 - Hon. Paul N. "Pete" McCloskey, Jr., 2011

Co-Founder of Earth Day, former U.S. Congressman and Presidential Candidate, Global Advisor for Dream One World

Our Uganda School Project Library, named "WISDOM,"

is initially serving as a classroom for 50 children

until the orphanage and K-6 buildings are constructed. 

We will then be able to educate 150 orphans

and children of the imprisoned.


In Uganda, when a child becomes an orphan or when

a parent lands on Death Row, they are forced to leave

school as they can no longer pay the school fees.


Our school has no such fees,

and is staffed entirely by volunteers.

Our school is truly a labor of LOVE!


Our school project has ongoing needs - for building more classroom buildings and finishing our dormitories, keeping the children and volunteer teachers fed, (as well as feeding the volunteer workers who build the buildings), providing school supplies, paying the electric bills, etc.


Please help by donating HERE.  You will receive a tax-deductible receipt, and our endless gratitude. 

(Photo below by Scott Langley)

To view a wonderful 2015 video of the school's progress to date, please click below...

you will LOVE the children at the end!  :)

To view a 2011 video of this unique project being built

entirely by loving volunteers, please click below.

MISSION:  Our work started in 2004 as a trust fund for hurricane disaster relief on Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas.  After a year there, we expanded to help wherever we could throughout the world.


Using our “PAY IT FORWARD” concept, those we help bring us others to assist.  Since becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in January of 2005, DREAM ONE WORLD has therefore gone all over the map - literally!


  • Adult Health Care and Assistance – Florida, Colorado, California, Illinois
  • Aiding Animal Rescue – California, The Bahamas
  • Arson Rebuilding – The Bahamas
  • Assisting Children with Batten Disease - Florida
  • Assisting Children with Facial Cancer - Peru
  • Assisting Children with Larsen's Syndrome - California, The Philippines
  • Blanket Project to Help Prevent Death and Illness from Freezing - Peru
  • Building a School and Orphanage for Children of AIDS and Death Row Inmates - Uganda
  • Dental Work for Ex-Heroin Addicts - California
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Relief - Thailand, Japan
  • Hurricane Relief - The Bahamas, Louisiana, Mississippi
  • Rejuvenating Cities - California
  • Reuniting a Birth Mother/Daughter - California and Texas
  • Vehicle Repairs - California, Massachusetts

Through this process, a constant appeared, and in our quest to SIMPLIFY so we may SIMPLY FLY, we are now making this constant our ONE focus.


In a word, HOME.


Making monthly rent/mortgage payments, or rebuilding a HOME destroyed, or finding a HOME for an animal – we have found the basic need for shelter to be an underlying stress for each situation.  The constant struggle for many to maintain a HOME makes it difficult for income to be used for other needs, such as health care, transportation, food, clothing, etc.

  • The earth is HOME for all of us, and we honor it.
  • Communities are “HOME bases,” and we honor them.
  • Each being on earth needs a HOME, and we honor that need.


Donations to DREAM ONE WORLD lessen the burden of keeping and creating a HOME or community for all whom we assist... creating spaces of peace, support, serenity, and joy. 


Depending on the situation, for humans our work may assist with rental payments, mortgage payments, with vehicle repairs to get to and from HOME, rebuilding, and/or other home needs.  Our partnered work with animal rescue helps in finding HOMES for animals in dire need.


Our community rejuvenation "HOME base" projects encourage green building, removing litter, planting community gardens, creating areas for contemplation, eliminating homelessness for both humans and animals, building schools/orphanages, and creating a community consciousness to repair and beautify our own HOMES and business areas.


All our work honors our earth, HOME for every-ONE.